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 Canon Characters form Registration

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PostSubject: Canon Characters form Registration   Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:55 pm

Wanted to apply for a major character, eh?

Rules and Requirements:

^ Has the experienced writer's skills

^ Knows the character very well

^ Can RP the character occasionally (We will be checking. Last posts must not be from a month ago)

^ RP Posts must range from 50 or more words

^ If caught not following site's rules, the character will be taken back from you

^ Remember to be creative. Admins and staffs has the right wether to say no to your form or accept it.

List of Canons:

Greeks and Geeks

Percy Jackson - Poseidon
Annabeth Chase - Athena
Nico Di Angelo - Hades
Grover Underwood - satyr
Thalia Grace - Zeus
Juniper - nymph (dryad)
Chris Rodriguez - Hermes
Travis Stoll - Hermes
Connor Stoll - Hermes
Clarisse La Rue - Ares
Sherman - Ares
Mark - Ares
Katie Gardner - Demeter
Jake Mason - Hephaestus
Pollux - Dionysus
Malcolm - Athena
Piper McLean - Aphrodite
Leo Valdez - Hephaestus - taken by Leo
Calypso - nymph
Mellie - nymph (aura)
Miranda Gardiner - Demeter
Drew Tanaka - Aphrodite
Mitchell - Aphrodite
Lacy - Aphrodite
Nyssa - Hephaestus
Harley - Hephaestus
Will Solace - Apollo
Kayla - Apollo
Austin - Apollo
Lou Ellen - Hecate
Butch - Iris
Clovis - Hypnos


Romans are gonna win

Jason Grace - Jupiter
Hazel Levesque - Pluto
Frank Zhang - Mars
Dakota - Bacchus
Michael Kahale - Venus
Leila - Ceres
Gwen (retired from the legion)

-all characters were accredited from, camphalfblood.wikia.com



[b]Joining Date:[/b]
[b]Canon Applying For:[/b]
[b]RP Example:[/b]

Here's mine:

Name: Leo

Joining Date: What?!

Canon Applying For: Leo Valdez

Appearance: He has a tall thin body, has dark brown curly hair, brownish skin tone, fire like brown eyes, and a grin that he always wore on his face, he has long thin uncalloused fingers, Often seen wearing baggy pants a green t-shirt and his magical tool belt.

Personality: humorous, outgoing, hyper, has stage 5 ADHD, scrawny, corny, loyal, somewhat a lover, often aggressive and courageous demigod. Leo would often break the ice by heating it up with a corny joke. Being humorous is his way of getting around his nervousness. He's flirty to cute girls, and often gets busted. He's just too loyal to his friends specially ones that are in the seven.

Tinkers with about everything and every materials that is given to him by his magical toolbelt, one example is the Valdezinator(he named it so don't judge me) that's traded to Apollo for a dandelion that's picked by the sun god himself.

A smarty guy he is, strategic and talented. Uses his powers and talents at the right time when needed.

Flaws : As written above, he's a loyal demigod when it comes to his friends, appears at the very last minute when help is needed.

Girls, he's just too attracted to them, beware, specially to cute ones. Quoting from the MoA, he didn't want to leave Echo behind, he's just too affected to her green aura. Again, quoting from the HoH, when he fell on Calypso's picnic table, on the island of Ogygia, he was caught being mesmerized on Calypso's cute freckles(Leo, when did freckles become cute?).

RP Example:

Leo had never felt so alive. He meant it literally, after being dead by defeating Gaea's butt with a super high intensity heat flash from Festus. Now he's flying above the clouds on Festus' back with the damn woman of her dreams that wrapped her smooth arms around his waist. Leo smiled, with Calypso he felt his mission on earth was accomplished. He could sense a James Bond soundtrack coming up after he rescued the woman of her dreams. Leo propped open Festus' control panel, the GPS screen panel lit up, there flashed a map of the surroundings.

"We're coming home Sunshine!" Leo shouted throughout the wind that's blowing his hair turning it wavy, making him look more like double-o-seven.

Leo looked behind him, my gods, she's an angel. Wind blows her golden brown hair gracefully, it seems to look like in slow-mo, she's perfect for short. She leaned close and kissed him. A warm sensation surged through his whole body. At that exact moment he was sent into a trance. Leo snapped out of his confusion, he faced forward and he could see the glow of the Athena Parthenos from here. He screamed like a rock star, home... home at last.

-Leo (admin)
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Canon Characters form Registration
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