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 Jamsen Mendoza Son of Amphitrite

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PostSubject: Jamsen Mendoza Son of Amphitrite   Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:07 pm

Jamsen Kappas

age: 14

gender: Male

eye color: dark brown

hair color: jet black

height: 5, 6"

body type: athletic

skin tone: caramel

mortal parent: Leo Kappas

God parent: Amphitrite

Appearance: Jamsen's not that kind of a mortal kid, of course he's a demigod. He often wears an ordinary white T-shirt, or Camp Shirt, a pair of cammo pants, and a pair of some old sneakers. If not only wearing a tee, sometimes he accompanies it with a flack jacket with many pockets in it(yep he's addicted to pockets).

flaws: he's selfish, such of a misbehavior, weakens when not in water for long time, an arguer he is.

Personality: You'd get a very different first impression of him as a skater boy, the way he dresses I guess. He's such an impredictable guy that has a world of his own. He's sometimes selfish to stuffs, like food, don't get so disappointed when he doesn't share some of his MilkyWay with you.

talents: fast learner

powers(must have connections with godly parent): Feels life when feels water, can move water from any container, breath under water, travel using water currents, not affected on water pressures.

When feels weak, busted by enemies, when steps into water or jumps into any body, he feels rejuvenated, regains healing and health from sicknesses and cuts and injuries. (to be completely healed he must be in the water for 30 minutes but sometimes it depends on the kind of physical injuries.)

Can move water, what I meant is control it wherever it is but only can control it when about 5 meters away the limit of water he can control can be only be about 8 gallons of water only. ( can only do this for 2-4 times a day)

Also can Breathe underwater 'cause most of Amphitrite's children can.
Can also hold the tight pressures and depths when deep underwater.

weapon: A Celestial Bronze pointed spear.

history: Jamsen lives a normal mortal life has slight dyslexia, when started realizing fancy creatures around him. He has always been curious since he was a kid, his dad talking about this kind of camp that I do not know. Not knowing that he is Half-Blood he began to be curious. His father told him that his mother left him to his father when he is still a baby. One day, somebody knocked on the door, my dad let him, in my dad has been keeping a secret since my mom has left us, now a satyr must lead me, escort me to camp Half-Blood.

RP example: Jamsen walked past the archers as he went to the big house. He almost got shot in the chest but his natural ability to dodge saves him. Some of the archers looked at him in awe. One of his friend, a satyr walks with him as they walk and talked to each other. After they chatted, Jamsen enters the big house.
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Jamsen Mendoza Son of Amphitrite
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