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 Character Forms

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PostSubject: Character Forms   Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:00 pm

Basically, you cannot role play a character, without having one.

Here on this section, you shall be creative, and hopefully you shall get your character approved before role playing.


- Sons and daughters of the Big three aren't allowed. (we don't want children of Poseidon causing violent waves and children of Zeus exploding the camp with thunder)

- Weapons and gifts from gods aren't allowed.

- Eye color must be humanely normal.

- No demi-titans.

- Powers must have limits.

- There must be at least three flaws.

- Appearance and Personality must be at least four sentences.

- RP Example must contain at least five sentences.



[b]eye color:[/b]
[b]hair color:[/b]
[b]body type:[/b]
[b]skin tone:[/b]
[b]mortal parent:[/b]
[b]God parent:[/b]
[b]powers:(must have connections with godly parent)[/b]
[b]RP example:[/b]


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Character Forms
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