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 Heatrem Kappas - Hephaestus

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PostSubject: Heatrem Kappas - Hephaestus   Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:07 pm

name: Heatrem Kappas

age: 14

gender: Male, what do you expect him to be?

eye color: His eyes are black.

hair color: He has this hair color with the mixture of red, orange, and gray(Dark Brown). His hair normally has the color of black. But when shined by light, it gleams brown.

height: Trem stands tall at 5 feet and 5 inches.

body type: Athletic

skin tone: Pale white

mortal parent: Jane Kappas.(Thy Mother, Yes, a female) Sadly she's only a mortal that can't peek through the Magical Mist.

God parent: Though he's not here, his dad is Hephaestus.(Thy Father, Holy Hephaestus!)

Appearance: Trem usually his this curious-innocent-like face. You would have a first impression of him as a feeble, unwreckless adolescent. He often wore cargo pants with lots and lots of pockets! (Whatever a son of Hephaestus wishes), green or white tees(either is fine with him), and a very cool camo vest! (also with lots and lots of pockets). He has this flashy grin in his face everytime. He has thin reddish lips (Aphrodite kids called it fabulous!). He has black eyes, just as listed above, and a pale white face... so yeah.

flaws: Kappas is such a Klutz.
Ha! He's so clumsy, he even dropped his smart phone on his face while lying down(guess that's pretty ordinary). He'd never walk through the mess hall without tumbling over on some of those enchanted plates and cups.

Fools Love.
He quickly falls in love with these pretty baes. Cute, charming, or ugly... ugly cute!

He's such an Impatient person, he wriggles on his chair waiting for his turn to come up. He can't wait at a rendezvous without leaving the place.

This Dude's Feeble.
This guy's too sensitive, watch your words, it might break his soul. Don't worry, he's getting around this flaw of his.

He has a saw scar down the side of his right cheek.
A gashing five inch scar that's pretty visible to the public. He doesn't know how to hide it, growing a long Emo hair maybe? He turns his head to the left side, so that the only visible part of his face is the scarless part. *sob*

Personality: Trem is not an outgoing type of guy, he's just this shy dude that kinda only works on his own. You'd always see him, either at his Metal clad cabin, in Bunker 9, or the bathroom (guys gotta pee don't they?). He has a few friends, thank God he has! At the first look of him, you'd think of him as an American version Justin Bieber (you don't know him? It's just a beaver named Justin), but on the other side, you were wrong. He's clumsy, so don't plan a date with him on a fancy resto. Though he is smart, a mathematical Trem is. Expect some serious nasal bleeding when you ask him some complicated math equations. Though he's also friendly, if you're a friendly guy. Get ready to turn to ashes, if you're such a lie.

He's shy, not normal for a courageous demigod. He's not much of a spokesperson, his tongue often gets tangled when talking to new guys or strangers.

This Dude is also Fierce. Although being said shy, this dude is also Fierce!(wut?) Ofcourse when it comes to his friends, dudeman is on the way! In which here he shows, how he is such a loyal friend. Also in which here he shows, how he gets in trouble.

This man is also Curious. You don't know what may be lurking into your secret lairs, or maybe your secret stuffs. This dude may be bobbing his head on your door way, trying to seek more knowledge from the unknown. Beware of bobbing heads!

talents: A very... Talented... Engineer! Yow! He could construct like every single peace of machinery you'd like! Yep everything you wanted, even a banana peeler my friend.

powers:(must have connections with godly parent)
Pyrokinesis/Flame summoning.
Heatrem, or Trem has the power to control the motion of flames. It depends on the size of the flame he is trying to control. He already upgraded his abilities, that he could last more and control bigger flames on his will. The flame could be as big as a fireplace flame (normal scale fireplace about two feet tall, flame's one foot tall) and he could motion it to wherever he wanted it to go, just as far as 20 feet. The flames he could summon could reach to the peak of 250°C.

Trem could last doing this for about 45 min non-stop, a day or 120 minutes of rest / 15 minutes of usage. If Trem exceeded the limit of his power, he would get, fainting spells, intense fatigue, hallucinations, or worse, losing the control of his power.

He could only summon, 10 walls of fire per a 45 minutes session, or 2 per 9 minutes. He needs at least 4.5 minutes to generate a wall of fire. The fire would last for a heaping five minutes till it subsides.

But when pertaining to fireballs, he could generate one within 5 seconds. A fireball would be only as large as a closed fist. He could only generate 10 balls per session, in which a session is only done when used all the 10 fireballs. The effects of exceeding the limits would be the same as summoning walls of fire, there listed above.

Pyro-resistance (fire resistance)
The name of the power, kinda explains everything. But I would clear it for you. Trem could resist the heat of 900°C, the peak of a room fire(ooh that's hot) for an hour per day! If exceeded the given limit, he would start to have blisters and burns, or death...

Metal Melter
The name of the power, also kinda explains everything about it. This dude also has the power of melting metal on his hands. Only the metals used in machines, weapons, can be melted such as, celestial bronze, iron, copper, or even imperial gold! Though this might be deadly for Graecus Scum, he could only melt the precious metal on life and death situations. If the power is used normally, he could do this for about, 5 times per day. The metal would melt through hand contact for about 60 seconds/one minute.

The only metals he couldn't melt, are the metals, Stygian Iron, he also couldn't melt metals that are not really used for making weapons, like titanium, platinum, Diamonds, and many more. One thing he also couldn't melt is the ice of Death, which only the flame of life could. Also metals that are blessed that are immune to get melted upon contact with intense heat.

weapon: Trem constructed and made police baton that elongates into a celestial bronze pointed spear. The Baton can also shrink back into its original size! The elongated type is called "reaping mode". The original size he called, "Whacking mode".(don't ask XD)

history: Heatrem Kappas is a parentless demigod whose dad left him to his mother when he was a child. At Heatrem's age of 5, when he's at home with his nanny, his mother was caught in a car accident which led her to death. Starting from that incident, he was left parentless to his strict uncle and aunt. He left his aunt's home to be a homeless stray(not cyclops looking tho). His aunt, or his uncle didn't even got the guts to look for him. They're satisfied maybe? Until he found an orphanage to settle a new life on. He didn't give his real identity to the orphanage, he really didn't want to get back to his aunt or uncle, he also didn't want his old school to go back and to start looking for him. The mist really did a pretty good job on concealing him from his past school administrators. One day, one of them came to the orphanage, they glanced at him, but didn't even seem to notice him.

Heatrem always got in trouble in his every school, those happenings weren't really understandable. These includes him getting the bunsen burner in his science classes to burn full power, which made the glass crack and pop causing the chemical to burn. He mostly got kicked out or got suspended on most of the schools he entered. While sitting at a bench of his school's courtyard, a satyr named Gumps came to the rescue, he(or it) saves him from his misery and escapes him to camp.

RP example:

Trem was fiddling with some random insect automation he created. Behold, the "Beetlebug"(lame name) the combination fusion of a beetle, and a ladybug... so yeah. He tried to work as quietly as possible, he's this low profile type of person, he doesn't want any disturbances to come around him. He slowly attached the wires soldering it onto its right place. He hoped his calculations were correct. He covered the main control panel on its thorax part, poked the needle sized hole power button. The Beatlebug vibrated and tested its wings. Whir, squeak, squeak, is the sound it gave out. Then the Beetlebug hovered over his work table and landed back safely on where it took off. "Yas!" Trem screamed.

Then someone came clanking up the metal stairs... Valdez.

"No! No! Not Elmo!" Trem screeched. "Nooo!" he squealed as Leo brought up close to him an Elmo puppet. Gah! Heatrem hated them(childhood trauma my friend).

"Welcome to Elmo's world," Leo imitated the Elmo theme song with a chipmunk voice register.

"That's not even how it talks like!" Trem said. "You made him sound more creepier."

"Which is better," Leo grinned.

"Just get out of here man."

"Alright! Chill man," Leo turned to leave. "Welcome to Elmo's world!"

"Gah!" Heatrem picked up a nearby water bottle and threw it at Leo, who scuffled away.

Trem looked around to see if there's still any more Elmo threats. Clear, good. He sat on his makeshift work table's computer chair. He spun around and eyed at his latest works. Nothing much, just insect automatons and weapons. He spun in his chair once more and halted. He raised his hands to his eye level, and willed to summon flames. Instantly, lighter-sized flames danced at the tips of his every finger. He willed them to burn higher. The flames then grew bigger and formed a very bright fire ball. It had been a while since he last did this. He closed the fire ball into his first, rupturing the ball of light. Heatrem smirked and gazed at his works for a while, and walked out of Bunker 9.


© Yet another demigod that uses fire
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Heatrem Kappas - Hephaestus
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